Back to Florida

David has visions of just finding a nice little spot down in Flagler Beach, Florida where he can lie out by the pool or on the beach, relax, and maybe befriend some lovely local gal who is tired of the heat and wants to follow him back to Canada.

Part One: October 17th - October 20th Not Quite According to Plan
Part Two: November 5th - November 8th A New Start With a New Car
Part Three: November 9th - November 11th Flagler Beach
Part Four: November 12th - November 14th The Journey to Vistamar Villa
Part Five: November 14th - November 18th Vistamar and Okeechobee
Part Six: November 19th - November 26th Vistamar Again and Miami Beach
Part Seven: November 27th - November 29th The Radisson