Drivin' South With the Folks

With the weather just starting to warm up in Nova Scotia, we decided to take a month-long trip down through the States. The plan was to revisit a few of the sites that I had been to by myself on the previous year (Chimney Rock Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway in particular) as well as hitting the warm weather in Florida for a bit.

Part One: April 5th - 8th The Trip Down
Part Two: April 8th - 14th Sunny (and Windy) Florida
Part Three: April 14th - 18th The Radisson and the Golden Link
Part Four: April 19th - 21st North to Chimney Rock Park
Part Five: April 21st - 23rd Cherokee and the Blue Ridge Parkway
Part Six: April 24th - 28th Caverns, Lady Liberty, Bangor, and Home