A Dave, a Dell, and a Driving Machine

Unlike my last epic road trip, this one really had no plan at all. I was heading south. That's about as organized as things got. I knew I was starting off by heading down towards Yarmouth and staying a few nights at Dunromin Campground. Then maybe there would be an adventure into North Carolina to seek out a few locations from the filming of The Last of the Mohicans. And maybe, if I got real energetic, I could dip my toe in the warm waters off Florida (if the hurricanes decided to leave by then). The whole trip could take a few days, a few weeks, or who knows how long. Here then is the epic tale of my journeys...

Days 1-3: Testing things out at Dunromin Campground
Days 4-6 Wandering around Maine
Days 7-8: New Hampshire mountains, Vermont birds, and late night driving
Days 9-10: New York falls, Witness-ing Philadelphia, and getting kicked out of Welton Academy
Days 11-13 Washington, the evil roads of Virginia, and Luray Caverns.
Days 14-15 Dead batteries, Foamhenge, and the Blue Ridge Parkway
Day 16 Chimney Rock Park and the Last of the Mohicans...
Days 17-19 : Georgia and, at long last, Florida! 
Days 20-23 The eastern beaches of Florida...
Days 24-25 Wet 'n Wild and Kennedy Space Center
Days 26-27 The Keys, Sore Ribs, and the American Health System
Days 28-31 Bored in Naples, alone in Jellystone Park
Days 32-33 A pit-stop in Georgia, and bears and tigers in Cherokee.
Days 34-36 Tripping over the Tennessee state line, lost in Manhattan, and finally home.