Cruising 'Til the Tires Fall Off:
Dave's Quest for the Grand Canyon

June 15th, 2001 - 4:20pm: Taking the following week off work, I set off on Friday on my journey to the Grand Canyon. My plan was as follows: That was the plan. Drive over 6000 kilometers, hitting 9 different states in 9 days. Naturally things did not quite go that way in reality.

Friday, June 15th: Getting a Head Start
Saturday, June 16th: Waterfalls, Dams, and Craters
Sunday, June 17th: Overheating and Traffic Jams
Monday, June 18th: California Coastline and Getting  Lost in Oxnard
Tuesday, June 19th: Hollywood Blvd and the San Gabriel Mountains
Wednesday, June 20th: Stranded in the Mojave Desert

to be continued... (I hope)

P.S. I didn't make this trip completely alone. Check out my Travels with Morpheus.

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